MOBILE REFURBISHMENT • We visit you at your chosen location. • A high quality and guaranteed wheel repair and refurbishment service. • Save time and hassle with our mobile wheel refurbishment. Same Day service! • Improve the look of your vehicle and increase its value. Our mobile refurbishment operator visits you at home or at work. • We remove the wheels from your vehicle. • The tyre beads are broken (tyres are pushed away from the alloy rim) • The damage is repaired using varying techniques • The wheels are primer coated to prevent corrosion • The wheels are painted to your colour choice or matched to the original. • The wheels are sprayed with a clear lacquer • The wheel is baked until fully dry • The tyres are then inflated and refitted to your car. The wheels are refitted to your car then the wheel nuts are torqued up to the recommended level. Following a final inspection, the process is complete – your vehicle is ready to drive.

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