Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Cost

The first question we get asked is normally what’s the cost for a full alloy wheel refurbishment. Fair enough. Good question and one we all need to know before committing to an alloy wheel repair company but the answer is not always easy.

You’ll find some companies will quote a flat rate per wheel depending on the size and type of finish and that’s an ok way of doing it. The problem is that these compamies have to overcharge on minor repairs and refurbs in order to subsidise the more heavily damaged or corroded wheels. There are several companies in the area that start their prices at over a hundred pounds a wheel and that’s just crazy for minor refurbs.

At the other end of the spectrum you’ll find a multitude of fly by night cowboys who will offer to repaint all four wheels including repairs for 100 total. Great deal?? I don’t think so…

Anybody with a beat up van and a couple of spray guns can call themselves an alloy wheel repair technician but that doesn’t make it so. It’s very easy to sand a few spokes, spray some paint and lacquer and mke the wheels look good for a week but when the paint flakes off and the finish dulls, you’ll find the cowboys don’t want to hear from you anymore and they stop answering the phone. It takes hundreds of sets of wheels and thousands of hours of practice and refinement to be able to refurbish any wheel to what I would call an acceptable standard.

Our prices are competitive and fair and by far the best value for money. There’s no point in saving a few quid only to need the whole lot need redoing 6 months later. Our work lasts a lifetime.

Mobile Smart Repair has been in business for almost 10 years and we have repaired many thousands of wheels. We can be trusted to use the right equipment and the right materials and to do the job right first time. That’s why have the best warranty in the industry. It’s why we stand by every single job we carry out. And it’s why we are trusted by our thousands of customers to treat you and your wheels as we treat our own.