Alloy Wheel Repair Guide

There are a number of common alloy wheel repair requests that we get and in this post I’m going to briefly guide you through the different types of issues and remedies to give you a better idea of what happens.

  • Curb Damage – By far the most common wheel repairs we carry out are for curb damages – from minor scuffs on the rim to seriously deep scratches through the face of the metal. This type of damage looks awful and detracts from the appearance of the whole car. On the bright side, this type of repair is relatively straightforward and can be easily carried out by a competent technician using our tried and tested 10 step process.
  • Cracked Alloy Wheels – modern wheels are extremely tough and durable. However, hitting a pot hole or a curb at speed with a 2 ton vehicle on top of it can sometimes cause a wheel to crack or buckle. This type of damage can still be repaired but it has to be done by a qualified metal fabricator and cannot be repaired by a mobile technician no matter what other companies claim they can do. We can arrange for the wheel to be picked up and properly stripped and repaired within a few days. Our cracked wheel repairs are performed by experts and the only safe way to go.
  • Delamination (flaking) or corrosion – Certain types of alloy wheel (like Mercedes AMG or some BMW wheels among others) are prone to corrosion that normally begins near the hub of the wheel. This can have the appearance of bubbling paint or sometimes a milky white effect as the lacquer starts to come away from the wheel. The only way of repairing this type of damage is a full wheel refurbishment that involves stripping the original finish off and adding a number of new, durable layers of paint and clear coat to stop the corrosion permanently. This is straightforward but time consuming so expect to pay a little more than standard curb damage.

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