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stone chip repair manchesterMobile Smart Repair carry out stone chip repairs every week in Bolton. Stone chips are the most common cause of car paint damage and every vehicle, no matter what age and how often it is driven gets stone chips. Usually stone chips are caused normal motorway driving and by small objects like stones and other debris impacting on your vehicle often on the front bumper and bonnet. Over the years Mobile Smart Repair has built up a great reputation in Bolton over the years. Our smart repair technicians are well trained and experienced in repairing stone chips on all parts of the vehicle. The most common stone chip repairs in Bolton are:

  • Car Bonnet Stone Chip Repair Bolton
  • Car Wing Stone Chip Repair Bolton
  • Bumper Stone Chip Repair Bolton

In order to repair a stone chip so that it is 100% flawless and invisible, the whole affected panel must be resprayed. This is not always as cost effective or desirable for some customers. We get different requests from different people in Bolton. Some want a flawless finish and some are much happier with the lower cost of a 90% touch up finish. Mobile Smart Repair offers two options for a stone chip repair in Bolton:

Touch up or Touch in Stone Chip Repair Bolton

With this method the chip is cleaned out and gently sanded to allow the paint to stick to the damaged area. Using a brush or a fine wooden tool the paint is applied only to the stone chip in very thin layers, each layer thoroughly dried with a heat gun before the next is applied. Anything from two to eight layers go into the chip until it is slightly higher than the surrounding paintwork. The area is then finely sanded and a top layer of laquer is applied to the stone chip and a small area around it to seal in the repair. When thoroughly cured, a slightly abrasive cutting and polishing compound is applied by hand to blend the clearcoat into the surrounding body work. The final result is not an invisible repair but is usually 90% and protects from rust whilst improving the appearance of the damage.

Smart Repair of Stone Chip Bolton

The method to repair a stone chip using localised smart repair methods is the same as our Scratch Repair Bolton techniques and involves preparing the whole panel, repairing and repainting only the damaged area and then lacquering a largr area to disguise where the repair has taken place.

The repair time and cost to use smart repair methods to respray small localised areas depends on the size of the panel and the amount of damage. The price to touch up stone chips also varies depending on the severity of the stone chip and distribution of damage. The repair time to touch in a single stone chip in Bolton is approximatly fifteen minutes. The time to spray a localised area with our innovative smart repair techniques would typically be two to three hours.

To book a stone chip repair in Bolton or to get a free quote call us on 07850716497 or use the quote button.

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Mobile Smart Repair carries out stone chip repairs in Bolton, Manchester and Cheshire. In Bolton the areas we cover include Kearsley, Farnworth, Westhoughton, Breightmet, Blackrod, Horwich, Harwood, Halliwell, Bromley Cross, Moses Gate and everywhere surrounding.