VW Golf GTI Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

A customer brought in his brand new Volkswagen GTI with a wheel damaged on his way home from the dealership. These are highly polished two colour 19" rims and the damage was localised to one spoke.

VW Golf GTI Alloy Repair Damaged VW Golf Alloy Kerbed VW Golf GTI Wheel Golf GTI Alloy Wheel Repair

The damage is sanded away with an 80 grit sandpaper on a da sander and then progressively higher grade sandpaper is used up to 1200 wet and dry paper.

Sanded GTI Wheel Repairing VW Golf Alloy Sanded GTI wheel

The repairs completed, all that is left is to polish the wheels back to a mirror finish. A 2000 grit abralon pad is used and then a 4000 pad to remove any visible scratches. An orbital machine polisher is then used with a series of three progressively finer polishing heads and polish.  The final result is a perfectly invisible repair.

VW Golf Gti Repaired Wheel Repaired Alloy Wheel Golf Gti