Winter Driving Tips from Mobile Smart Repair

With weather warnings in Manchester today of severe frost, freezing fog patches and icy roads you are about to get into what is being predicted to be a particularly harsh winter. We at Mobile Smart Repair would like to encourage all of our customers and friends to take a few precautions this Winter and ensure safe driving and prepare for an any emergencies.

winter safety

Here are 6 Tips for Winter Car Journeys

    1. Plan Your Journey – Google Maps is your friend here but ensure you pay particular attention to any routes that take you down smaller country roads or over the hills that might get iced over or snowed in. If the roads are treacherous please strongly consider staying home and making your journey at a different time.
    2. Have an Emergency Kit in the Car – Keep a minimal survival and emergency pack in your car at all times. As a minimum it should include warm clothes, a blanket, spare footwear like boots or wellies, bottled water and high energy snacks like nuts and chocolate bars. Make sure you have an ice scraper, de-icer and anti-freeze too, along with a spade in case you get stuck. A charger for your phone is always a good idea too!
    3. Visibility – Before leaving ensure that all the snow and ice is cleared from your vehicle, including the roof if the snow is heavy as it can slide down and restrict vision at an inopportune moment. Check your lights are completely visible and remember the number plate must be clear too to stay legal. Wait until all the ice and condensation on the front and rear windscreens are gone.
    4. Battery – In the cold and dark of Winter your battery comes under increased pressure for lighting, heating and windscreen wipers. Have your battery checked regularly¬† and it doesn’t hurt to have a set of jump leads and ideally a portable jump starter. Try not to leave the lights or heater on for longer than necessary and turn off the lights, heater and wipers to start the car if it’s struggling.
    5. Important Safety Checks – Regular safety and maintenance checks are necessary anyway but in the Winter is is absolutely vital to make some basic checks. Tyres are the number one priority – ensure they have enough tread, are correctly inflated and consider using Winter tyres. Regularly check the lights are all working. Wiper blades can easily be damaged by ice on the Windscreen so be careful and replace them immediately if they do start to stick or peel off.

After basic safety is taken care of, remember that any damage on the car paintwork or wheels that is exposed to the harsh Winter elements can rapidly get worse if it isn’t treated and repaired quickly. Here at Mobile Smart Repair we usually have a Christmas offer on. Check in with us for a fast and free quote and see what we can do to help!