Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment is a specialist service best carried out by a mobile smart repair technician.

There are many reasons to choose to have alloy wheels refurbished, not least of which is to improve the resale value of the car when time comes for it to be offered for sale. Damaged alloy wheels also make the whole vehicle look untidy and are undesirable to almost all drivers.

Alloy wheel damage is typically caused by kerbing the wheel as well as corrosion, paint delamination and stone chips. It is almost inevitable that the wheels will suffer some sort of damage through the lifetime of the car they are attached to.

Whilst there are many DIY alloy repair kits available to buy for a moderate price, wholeheartedly does not recommend any of them. It is simply impossible to replicate the original manufacturer’s finish with an over-the-counter kit. This statement is made using our professional expertise and the experience of trying dozens of kits.

With a damaged alloy wheel the customer is faced with few options to restore the original factory colour and shine. Either use a traditional car body shop or main dealer, who will often recommend replacement, or go to an alloy wheel repair specialist like

The benefits of using a mobile smart repair company are multiple:

  • The wheels can be refurbished to a factory standard with the minimum of hassle.
  • The cost is much, much lower than buying a replacement wheel – Alloy wheels can be refurbished from as little as £40 a wheel.
  • The time taken to refurbish a single alloy wheel is around two hours, to refinish four wheels at the same time takes three to four hours.
  • Alloy repairs can be carried out at the customer’s home or workplace and a same-day service is usually available in Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire and Leeds.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

The typical damage to an alloy wheel can be repaired with the following seven step process:

  1. Cover the wheel and surrounding body work with a wheel bag and masking paper and tape.
  2. Using a pneumatic dual action sander, smooth out the damaged area and feather it to make the repair area as smooth as humanly possible. This is accomplished by using progressively finer sandpaper up to 2000 grit wet and dry paper.
  3. If the damage is severe enough, specialist alloy wheel filler is used to rebuild the contour of the wheel one thin layer at a time, thoroughly drying and hardening the filler between each application.
  4. Once the mobile smart repair operative is happy that the surface repair is free of all blemishes, the area to be painted is masked off and up to two layers of deep fill primer is applied only to the damaged area, avoiding overspray wherever possible to keep the repair area as localised as possible.
  5. The next step is to match the paint colour as exact as possible. Unlike the car body paint, alloy wheels rarely come in a standardised colour. It is therefore essential to use an experience alloy wheel specialist to ensure that the paint match is as close to the original colour as possible to make the repair invisible. Experience counts for a great deal at this stage. Two coats of paint are normally enough to completely hide the repair – each coat must be thoroughly dried with a hot air gun before moving on.
  6. The penultimate stage of the wheel repair is the application of the lacquer. Depending on which system the operative has chosen, one or two cots of lacquer are applied. Usually the whole wheel is covered with lacquer to avoid any signs being available that a repair has taken place.
  7. Finally, the lacquer is cured and hardened under an infra red light. Typically the drying process takes around twenty minutes to half an hour depending on the weather conditions outside or the ambient temperature if the repair is carried out inside.

Many customers are amazed at the results achieved by smart repair. Often wheels that appear severely damaged can be repaired as easily as those with only minor scuffs.

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