black alloy wheel manchester

One of the most popular services provided here at is recolouring alloy wheels. The current HOT colour for 2016 is black – both gloss black and matt black are equally popular.

In addition, pure white wheels for various Fords including the Ford Fiesta, Puma and Focus are heavily in vogue.

For BMW wheels the colour to go for on a black or silver vehicle is Anthracite – a very dark grey which is heavily metallic and sets the the rest of the car off perfectly.

Mercedes wheels seem to be being requested in black as well as the original silver and Lexus wheels are being asked for in both black and Anthracite.

Further to this there are always requests for something a little different using coloured highlights usually on black wheels. Like the Ford ST wheels, black with a red stripe around the rim or the VW Golf wheels – black with alternating gold spokes.

Whatever it is you want to do with your wheels – we can do it for you. Give us a call now for a quote on 07850716497 or hit the quote button.

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