Benefits of SMART Repair

When you scuff your bumper on that protruding bollard at Tesco; or catch your wheel as you park a little too enthusiastically on the kerb… Or when you arrive back at your car and some thoughtful driver has kindly dented and nicked your door or taken the paint off a corner… What do you do? Use your hard earned no-claims bonus and pay a couple of hundred in excess to the insurance company? Or is there another way?

Originating in the late 80s, early 90s, SMART repair (Small and Medium Area Repair Techniques) has come on in leaps and bounds. The latest repair techniques are borderline miraculous sometimes in their application and can leave damaged areas even better than new in some cases – particularly with alloy wheel repairs.

Traditional body shops are no longer necessary for many types of repairs and the benefit of that to our customers is lower costs and vastly reduced prices for most common repairs. Specialist smart repair companies, like Mobile Smart Repair, can now undertake and excel with the vast majority of car body damage and, being mobile, the speed and convenience value of such repairs are genuinely revolutionising the car body repair industry.

From kerbed alloy wheels to dents, bumper scuffs and car scratch damage, SMART repair techniques can be used to repair most car body damage with a minimum of fuss and at the lowest possible cost to our customers.

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Why choose SMART repairs?

The benefits of choosing SMART repairs are that they are always cheaper than visiting a body shop due to the fact that every repair made is a localised repair that fixes only the specific area of damage saving on both materials and time which naturally results in a lower cost. The lower prices should not put you off; the cost savings are genuine and don’t reflect cutting corners. The prices reflect the efficiency savings and the value of the advanced training the smart repair technicians have undertaken to fit this niche in the massive car body repair industry. Cutting out the insurance companies, main dealers and traditional body shops result in a huge saving that companies like ours pass on to you.

If you have a bumper scuff on the corner of your car, a traditional body shop may charge you three hundred pounds to repaint the whole bumper (or five or six hundred if they want to blend the repair into the wings too…). Our SMART repair techniques can repair the same damage, blend the paint repair into a localised area and get it done in half the time for as little as a hundred pounds, saving our customers hassle and expense all the way through the process.


Is it Worth Car Body Repairs on a Car I’m selling?

A great way to increase the resale value of your vehicle is to tidy up and repair any cosmetic damage before putting it up for sale. Get rid of the minor bumper scuffs and alloy wheel damage and you can add hundreds or even thousands to he value of your car. Even though you might be happy to live with a scuff or two, if a potential buyer spots dents or chips in your paint it might put them off and cost you a lot of money.

If you’re selling your car for a grand then maybe don’t bother getting the whole car repaired and fully touched up. However, if you’re looking for 3 grand plus then smart repairs start to make sense. Once you get to 8 thousand plus then getting the cosmetic repairs sorted is absolutely essential to get the best price you can. SMART repairs pay for themselves when it comes to resale value.



SMART repairs can be a good alternative to going through a dealership or paying for expensive bodyshop services. If you need to sort out any damage to your car it’s a good idea to weigh up your options, and choose the best one for you and your finances.