car scratch repair

Unsightly scratches can seriously devalue your car. At we are fully equipped to carry out all manner of car scratch repairs. Whether caused by branches, stones, scraping or vandal scratches we will choose the correct method and leave your vehicle as good as new.

Polishing Car Scratches

machine polisherFor minor scratches where the damage does not penetrate the clear coat, it is often possible to polish the scratches away using a machine polisher. This is mostly successful on the kind of minor damage caused by low hanging branches or cats jumping on your bonnet. Swirl marks and micro scratches caused by incorrect car washing techniques can also be removed this way. See our paint correction service for more details. Even deep scraches can be removed this way or at least improved almost to the point of disappearance. For deeper scratches that go through the clear coat there are further options.

Cosmetic Scratch Repair

cosmetic paint repairAlso known as a "touch up" repair, cosmetic repairs are a low cost alternative to a full smart repair. The process involves applying paint, usually with a fine brush, in layers over the damage and then the area is flattened, polished and waxed to seal the repair. This kind of repair may be appropriate if a machine polisher had removed 95% of a scratch and the remaining 5% that was still visible can be touched up well enough that the customer decides it is not worth the extra expense of a full smart repair. As most car scratch damage is uneven, this often happens. If the area of damage is in an unobtrusive area, like the sills or valance or low down below a crease line and is not easily visible, this kind of repair can be considered. On visible areas or higher value vehicles we would not recommend this procedure as the results can vary between 60-90% effectiveness.

Smart Repair

smart repairWhere the scratch has gone through the clearcoat the only method of achieving an invisible repair is a respray of the paint and clear coat. The cost of this depends on the area that needs painting. On larger panels like doors and the bonnet it is usually necessary to respray the whole area, whilst the more common bumper scuff can be repaired with a much more localised spraying area. For more details on the smart repair process see the smart repair page.