Mobile Smart Repair specialise in bumper repairs including cracked bumper repairs in Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Lancashire and the whole North West. A cracked bumper is often caused by a low impact collision with another vehicle and vary in severity. A typical bumper repair on a cracked bumper can take 2-3 hours to repair and cost around £100 to £150. The cracked bumper must be repaired professionally in order to maintain the integrity of the bumper.

A bumper crack repair involves using a plastic welding system to bond the edges back together and then a strong, flexible filler is used to restore the original contours. The bumper will then need to be sanded, primed, painted in the original colour, which is matched exactly using a Standox system, and then lacquered and hardened.

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Cracked Bumper Repair  Cracked Bumper Repair