Dent Removal Manchester specialise in repairing dents of all sizes, with or without paintwork damage.

A typical dent is caused by impact from:

  • ·         Shopping trolleys
  • ·         Another car door
  • ·         Bicycles
  • ·         Wheelie bins
  • ·         Low impact collision with another vehicle or cbarrier

Providing we can gain access to the dent and the paintwork is not damaged, it may be possible to perform a paintless dent repair. This type of repair is quick and easy and is often the cheapest way to repair a dent. The cost is usually below the average insurance excess.

If the dent is of the type not suitable for Paintless Dent Removal or the paintwork is damaged, a car paint repair can be carried out using state of the art smart repair techniques that concentrate on minimising the repair area to a s local a space as possible to keep the cost down and the time taken to a minimum.

All of our smart repair specialists are highly trained and competent and our mobile service means that we can visit you at your home or workplace and carry out most types of repair in two to three hours.

Paintless Dent Removal Manchester

Benefits of Dent Removal

  • ·         Maintain the value of the vehicle – the value of your car can be reduced by up to 15% if cosmetic damage is in evidence.
  • ·         Convenience – Our technicians can visit you in your home or work and carry out most repairs in two to three hours.
  • ·         Cost Effective – Our repairs are significantly cheaper than both main dealer bodyshops and independent car body repair shops as we have much lower overheads and try to   localise the repair area whenever possible.
  • ·         Environmentally friendly – uses the minimum materials necessary for each repair.

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