Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair Manchester

We repair diamond cut alloys in Manchester and throughout the North West including Stockport, Crewe, Liverpool, Cheshire, Bolton, Bury and more.

Repairing diamond cut alloys is a specialist job and we are the only mobile service provider in the area. In addition, our prices are significantly lower than the local competition as our overheads are a lot lower.

The diamond cut repair process is a little (a lot!), different than our repair method for standard painted alloys.

diamond cut alloy repair manchester

Frequently Asked Questions about Diamond Cut Wheel Repairs

Firstly, what is a diamond cut wheel?

Most factory standard and also after-market wheels are powder coated and clear-coated wheels. So bare metal, then paint, then lacquer to seal it and make it shiny. A diamond cut wheel is an alloy wheel that is then put on a lathe and machine finished; removing part of the whole face of the alloy and gauging very fine lines in the metal to make it look very shiny and providing a slight rainbow effect. Then lacquer is applied to prevent corrosion.

Can my diamond cut wheels be repaired?

Most of the time, yes. There are some circumstances where the wheels cannot be repaired or it would be inadvisable to do so, for example if the wheels have been repaired before and the technician believes the structural integrity of the wheel would be compromised with further machining. Every wheel is assessed before the work commences. Ask one of our wheel technicians here for more details.

How long does the finish last on a diamond cut wheel?

This depends. It’s very unusual for the finish to last as long as a simpler painted wheel. This is due to the fact that the lacquer does not adhere as well to bare alloy as it does to a powder painted one. The result of this is that any chips you get from kerb damage or road chips that make a hole in the lacquer will very quickly allow water to seep in and the wheels end up with milky looking  patches.

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How long does it take to repair Diamond Cut Wheels?

It varies although it’s always completed within one day. Get a quote now and we’ll let you know how long your particular wheels will take.