Heavily Curbed Jaguar Wheel Refurbishment

The customer brought his pride and joy Jaguar to us after having damaged and neglected the four wheels for a long period of time. There was heavy curb damage and corrosion on all four alloys and the only option was a full wheel refurbishment.

Jaguar alloy wheel refurbishment Damaged Jaguar Alloy Alloy Refurb Jaguar Jaguar Alloy Damage Close

We started by removing the wheels from the car, this was definitely not a mobile job – we estimated 6 hours to repair them and were not far out (about five and a quarter total). The valves are removed and the air is let out of the tyres.

We then break the bead on all of the rims and apply a mask to the tyre, leaving as much of the wheel exposed as possible to get the deep damage out with the sander.

DA sanding alloy wheel repair Jaguar Wheel Before Paint

A dual action mini sander was used with the initial grade being 80 grit for these wheels (which is very harsh). Moving up through 180, 240, 400 and finally 1000 grit, the wheels were looking and feeling a massive amount smoother and were ready for the painting.

A prep fluid is used on the wheels to clean off the dirt and grease that is left and to provide a good surface for the primer to adhere to. An etching primer is used to ensure that it sticks to the bare metal – any other primer used here would not last and the paint would begin to flake off pretty rapidly.

Jag Alloy Wheel Repair Jaguar Refurbed Wheel Refurbed Jaguar Alloys

The primer is cured using infra red heat lamps and then flatted with 1200 wet and dry paper to keep the surface smooth. The correct water based paint is then applied in two coats and is dried with a hot air gun. The final wet painting stage is the clear coat lacquer. A two pack automotive lacquer is used, in this case a Standox lacquer to give a shiny and hard finish. Again, two coats are applied and the wheels are then left for an hour to fully cure under an infra red lamp.

The final stages are to reinflate the tyres, put the wheels back on the car and hand the keys back to another happy customer.

Happy to help 🙂