Honda Bumper Repair

Honda Bumper Repair

The driver of this vehicle hit a bollard and caused a fair amount of damage with creasing and severe gouging. Before starting on the scratches, I used a heat gun to warm the bumper to such a temperature that it became pliable and I was able to push the bumper out from the inside and resume most of it’s original shape. The scratch damage was then sanded with a dual action sander and filled to make it smooth and fully restore the contour lines of the bumper.

A deep fill primer was used and then two coats of paint were applied, the exact colour match was perfect using the Standox paint system. A dry coat of lacquer was applied followed by a deep, fully wet coat, and the edges of the repair were blended into the old lacquer. Using infra red lamps, the lacquer was hardened and cured and a quick polish left the Honda looking like it does above, an excellent finish that the owner was very happy with. This whole repair was done in under four hours at the customers home and cost under £200 in total, much less than a local body shop had quoted.

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