When a lease car is returned to the hire company, they carry out a very detailed 182 point check as prescribed by the BVRLA. The inspectors are looking for any damage that can be classed as beyond fair wear and tear. This kind of damage is very easy for any driver to pick up: alloy wheel scuffs, small bumper scrapes, car paint scratches etc… and it is even easier to miss some of this damage when you do your own inspection before returning the vehicle.

The lease company will usually charge for replacement parts at the main car dealer list prices, which can be a lot higher than you were expecting. In addition, bodywork repairs will also be charged at full main dealer car body shop prices which are far in excess of what you be happy to pay yourself in the open market.

There is a much more cost effective alternative however:

Mobile Smart Repair will carry out a full inspection of your lease car before you return it and our experienced technicians will be able to minimise or completely remove any additional surcharges that might be coming. Most lease companies are willing to tell you what they will charge for repairs and even advise customers that it is their best interests to have the work done before returning he car. However, they will also point out that the repairs must be properly carried out to an acceptable standard.

Paint Scratch

Mobile Smart Repair offer a lease car return inspection in Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Lancashire and Leeds. One of our operatives will come to you and inspect your vehicle for any damage that you will be charged for by the lease return inspectors. You will receive a detailed report of your car’s condition and a breakdown of costs for any repair work that needs to be carried out.

There is no charge for us to come and inspect your fleet vehicles – for an individual car the cost is £55 (fully refunded if any repair work is undertaken) and afterwards you’ll receive a full report on each vehicle’s condition.

Mobile Smart Repair offer a fully mobile car body repair service in Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Lancashire and surrounding areas.

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