Paintless Dent Removal Methods

The concept of paintless dent repair has been around for nearly 25 years. It was supposedly started by a technician working at the Mercedes Benz factory. As the story goes, it is said that the Mercedes Benz worker was tired of having to waste time fixing the vehicles on the product line that had been dented during production, since the putty and repainting process slowed the manufacturing line. So, the technician figured out a way to push the dents in the car panels back out without needing any special repairs or paints. And the concept of paintless dent repair was born.



Thanks to the option of paintless dent removal, having a dent removed from a car door or bonnet doesn't have to mean spending hundreds of pounds getting the dent filled in and the car repainted. Our company specialises in dent repair for car owners in Manchester, Chester and Wrexham. A large percentage of the vehicles seen each month could benefit from paintless dent removal, as opposed to the older method of removing a dent, which means using putty to fill in the dented area and trying to match the paint to the car exactly.


Not for All Dents

On the other hand, paintless dent removal isn't an option for all the dent repair jobs we handle in Manchester. Cars that have sharp creases and have been stretched too deep can't be helped by this method, especially if the paint on the car has already been damaged. In general, you wouldn't want to do a paintless dent removal job on any dents that are bigger than a tennis ball. But every job is unique, and we have repaired dents that were much bigger than this using the paintless technique.


When cost is a consideration, paintless dent removal is almost always your best bet. The cost of having a dent repaired the paintless way is usually half as much as it would cost to take the car into a body shop and have it puttied and repainted. Although prices to repair small dings and dents can vary, a car owner can expect a simple, fifty pence piece-sized ding to cost anywhere from £40to £75 to repair depending on its location on the car and overall size.

There has recently been a growing interest in paintless dent removal. Today, it is accepted by most insurance companies for use when repairing dents made by hailstorms and other small things like golf balls or shopping carts. Usually, the cost of repairing a dent this way is going to be a lot less expensive than what the car owner's excess for the insurance company is going to be anyway, so that's a real benefit as well.


When it comes to dent repairs in Manchester, paintless dent removal is by far the most popular repair method simply because of the process's effectiveness and its low cost. No matter what caused the damage on a vehicle, I recommend asking the professional whether paintless dent removal is a good option for your specific situation. As long as the dent in question is smooth and shallow, you shouldn't have any problem finding a dent repair specialist.