are pleased to offer a comprehensive SMART Repair Training course. Taking advantage of over 30 years experience in the car body repair industry, our instructors can provide a thorough introduction to the smart repair business model.

Training takes place in our newly refurbished 20,000 square foot car body repair shop. Packed to the rafters with state of the art equipment and providing the most up to date training on SMART repair methods available, our course is without doubt the most cost effective route ino the highly lucrative SMART repair industry.

Why choose Us? is a fully working Minor Body and Wheel Repair Centre with over twenty years experience in the Auto Repair Industry. In the last 10 years we have developed the processes and techniques in S.M.A.R.T. and Minor Body repairs, and have gained a superb reputation for quality and value, and as a result boast a prestigious client list in the North West area including main dealers for Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, Seat, Renault and many more including most used forecourts.

All our courses are designed around real time repairs in a real world situation and not based around ‘easiest repairs on a bench’.

Along with full technical support for trainee’s and licensee’s alike we can also supply you with the products and paints we use and recommend, assist with marketing and promotion, and keep you up to date with the latest products and techniques.

To discuss your individual requirements or to answer any questions please call us, alternatively why not pay us a visit.

We have quarterly special offers on training packages, so don’t delay the time has never been better to come to! Training Courses

Five Day Master Class

Our five day course is by far the most popular option for a thorough grounding in the whole SMART repair industry. We will teach you how to carry out 90% of the repairs that can be done with SMART repair methods and teach you the basics of running an entirely new business without trying to tie you in to an expensive franchise. The course includes full practical instruction on alloy wheel refurbishment and full instruction on the most common car body repairs including bumper scuffs, car dent repair and paintless dent removal.

This course is run for one week each month and includes real life repairs to prepare you for the launch of your business.

As a bonus, a fully comprehensive business preparation session will give you the knowledge you need to go out and earn with your new living. As well as traditional marketing methods you will receive a totally unique and fantastically lucrative lesson in internet marketing and search engine optimisation.

The price for this MASTERCLASS is £1299 all inclusive. You will need to be able to travel to Southport (accommodation can be provided from £25 per night) and be willing to spend the five days working very hard. We guarantee that there is no smart repair training course in the UK that is more thorough for this price.

We will save you thousands on franchise and equipment fees by showing you the best way of setting up this business.

For certain exemplary students we will also guarantee a level of work under our outsourcing service – no franchise fees just a mutually beneficial service agreement for the very best students.

Call now on 07850716497. The best move you will ever make – guaranteed!

Alloy Wheel Repair

Wheel repair is the fastest growing area of the automotive repair industry, either as mobile repair or full static repair centres. Wheel repair is big business! Our courses are available as training only or complete with tinters, paint swatches and consumables required to mix hundreds of different colours. Included in this course are colour identification, scuff removal, sanding, priming, masking, basecoat application, lacquer and final finish. We also cover some of the custom options and techniques for special finishes.

Training Only: Four Day Course
Training plus Paint Kit: Four Day Course

Interior Repairs

These courses are tailored to you needs.

Cigarette burn repairs:
(including mixing fibres for colour, resin repair. Blending & Final Finish)
One Day Course
Leather & Fabric, reconalising and general repairs:
(mixing colours, airbrushing, door card repairs)
One Day Course
Cigarette, Leather & Fabric: One Day Course

Scratch Removal & Polishing

A large percentage of our custom is scratch removal especially when combined with stone chip repair. This course includes block flatting, touching in small scratches, compounding, machine polishing, and techniques for anti swirl and waxing.

Scratch Removal & Polishing: One Day Course

Spraying & Lacquering

All aspects of laying down solvent and water based paints, applying clear coats, three stage pearls, custom colours and blending.

Spraying & Lacquering: Four Day Course

Colour Retrieval

Identifying colour code location, retrieving the paint code, selecting shade options, choosing correct shade to mix or order from paint supplier.

Colour Retrieval: Half Day Course

Paint Mixing

Includes colour retrieval course, plus how to work out correct quantity of paint required for each job.  Processes of mixing waterborne paints/primers/solvent based paints and lacquers.

Paint Mixing: One Day Course

Bumper Scuff / Cracked Bumper Repair

Bumper scuffs are the main stay of any minor body work/smart repairer, the majority of which are colour co-ordinated. Most repairs can be carried out in one to two hours and cracked or split bumpers in less than three hours. This course includes all aspects of bumper repair, plastic welding, filling, priming, sanding, re-applying texture, base coats and lacquering, final finish and polishing. Also included are the basics of colour retrieval and paint mixing.

Bumper Scuff/Cracked repair: Two Day Course

Stone Chip Repair

Any vehicle more than six months old will have some form of a stone chip, especially bonnet and front bumper areas.  Stone chip repair is a great revenue stream, and while they cost the operator pence to carry out the result can be amazing when compared to the cost of repainting a whole bonnet.

Stone Chip: One Day Course

Panel Repair

Whilst some panel repairs can be as easy as bumper repair, when kept below mouldings (ie; below middle of the car bottoms of doors, wings etc), we recommend some success in bumper repair is achieved before attempting any repair above moulding line. This course is very much tailored to your needs.

Panel Repair: Normally 3 to 5 Day Course

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

This is the most technical area of body repair, but by far the most profitable. With a good pair of eyes and our latest techniques we can teach you how to be competent in this black art, with just a few tools you’ll be amazed at what can be achieved. A minimum of four days is required for this course.

PDR: Four Day Course (minimum)