At we specialise in the repair and reconditioning of body damage using an innovative SMART repair repair manchester Our SMART process allows scrapes, scuffs, kerb damage and corrosion to be removed from panels, bumpers and trim on any vehicle. We are able to repair any vehicle from a Mini to a Ferrari – the repair method is identical and our paint matching process is flawless.

Bumper Scuffs

From minor scrapes and encounters with shopping trolleys, to more serious impacts the Mobile Smart Repair process can return the bumper or trim back to an as new condition.

Corrosionbumper repair manchester

With most sorts of corrosion, from accident damaged panels and bumpers or due simply to age, we can return panels to their original condition and make them look as good as new.


Scrapes and scratches to any body panel can be fixed quickly and seamlessly in most cases.

Impact from collision with a stationary object

Provided the damage is within our remit as a SMART repairer, we can fix damage to make the car look like new.

Interior Fabric Repairs

Fabric seats and carpets can be repaired to and as new condition, cigarette burns can be removed and the fabric almost invisibly repaired.

Leather Repairs

Scuffs, scratches and tears can be all repaired to an as new condition.

Interior Trim

Door Cards, Dash Boards and Trim can all be repaired and refurbished in a cost effective manner. Need further advice?  Contact us for advice or to book an appointment.

Problems like these are now a thing of the past thanks to, your one stop shop for fast and reliable services in the field of car body repairs. Our well trained team of car repair specialists and technicians are equipped and are more than capable to take care of all your car body repair needs, repairs done are quick and efficient your car will look as good as new.

Smart Repair Manchester

Smart Repairs Manchester

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