Why Bother with Alloy Wheel Repair

Why bother with alloy wheel repair?

That’s a good question! We’ve been repairing alloy wheels in Oldham and Manchester for over 10 years and get this question a lot.

Minor scuffs and scratches are normal for a car; not just the wheels but the bodywork too. Is it really worth paying for a repair everytime a stone or kerb jumps up at you?

Short answer is no! Longer answer is…

Maybe… it depends.

Minor scuffs and scratches on any alloy wheel can be safely ignored IF the damage is limited to the clearcoat only. If it goes through to the paint; you have a problem that WILL get worse. You already know that it rains quite a lot, right? And rain is H2O with a couple (million) extra compounds and molecules that love to react with bare metal, whatever that metal is (unless it’s solid gold; gold doesn’t react much with anything but makes for a terrible wheel).

That means oxidisation; rust. And rust spreads, really fast. Minor scuffs and scratches are not going to affect the structural integrity of your wheels. What they will do is spread over larger and larger areas making any potential repair more and more expensive. As long as the corrosion hasn’t taken over, simple scuffs and scrapes are a cheap and easy fix. We would know; we have done thousands in Oldham and all throughout Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and the whole North West!

Alloy Wheel Repair in Oldham

Yes, that’s why we’re here! We fix pretty much any type of wheel and any kind of damage and the best thing is: WE come to YOU!!

With fully equipped vans and mobile units including a diamond cut lathe machine, we can repair any wheel in an average of an hour or less for a much better price than a new one or a dealer – way better!!

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